Eric Hedman

Arranging for the new phase, new era, new timesNovember 16, 2015

I am only half way through the 4th Chapter of my second Novel/4th Book.

I am buzzing with more projects than I dare count and I am helping a few people trying to coalesce their next steps into a unified vision.

It is beginning to feel as if I need to start drinking coffee again.

I want there to be a unified, solid start on things that might be cool… but might not be if the goblins have their way.

There are many parochial party spirits in my sphere now.  They don’t want to acknowledge that magic is plannable and repeatable.   That these visions that can be brought out into the light of day, or at least into the glow of night can be made to happen, over and over and over.

Maybe I need to walk away from the idea that there will ever be what I want to happen.  Regardless of the imagined upside, short term. The long term is more important and cannot be forced.

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